What You Should Know Before Buying Your First E-Cig Starter Kit

Seeing people vape is trendy but the moment you decide to start vaping and start shopping for your first e-cigarette, the excitement usually changes to confusion largely due to the wide array of options that make e-cig shopping a lot more complicated. When you start shopping for your first electronic cigarette, you will find that there are more types of e-cigs than you could have imagined that work and operate differently. You will also notice that e-cigs come in different flavors and quality that can be confusing for beginners. Nevertheless, you should not the options confuse you. Instead, you should go for simplicity and not complexity when you are looking for your first electronic cigarette.

Things that you should consider when looking for your first e-cig starter kit

Type of E-cig: Although all e-cigs work in the same basic way of vaporizing e-liquid, they have big differences that you should understand before making a purchase decision. The cigalikes have the same look as tobacco cigarettes. They feature small batteries, e-liquid in cartomizer and the heating coil. The Cigalikes are common with beginners who would like the feel and experience of their old cigarette smoking. The tank systems have a larger appearance than the cigalikes and come with an e-liquid tank, replaceable coils, and longer lasting batteries. The tank systems start vaporizing e-liquid when you press and hold a button. The mods are the most popular e-cigs and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Although they function like tanks, the mods have longer lasting batteries as well as many extra features.

Your Budget: How much are you willing to spend on your first electronic cigarette? The price of e-cigs greatly varies from below $50 to more than $200. When shopping for your first e-cig, you should buy with a notion to experiment. It is wrong to invest heavily on your first e-cig as you will likely change your taste as you become more experienced. Therefore, you should look for a starter kit that will get you accustomed to vaping without hurting your budget. You should also look for special offers and deals offered by various retailers to help beginners start vaping on cheap. By taking advantage of the Direct Vapor coupon or Vapor 4 Life coupons, you can buy high-quality e-cig starter kits at amazing prices enabling you to start your vaping journey like an experienced person.

Your Lifestyle: When and where you will be vaping are important aspects when it comes to choosing the right e-cig starter kit. For example, if you are looking for an e-cig that you use all day, you should go for mods instead of cigalikes because they offer longer battery life. If you are looking for a product that you will use less frequently especially at home, a mod may not be necessary and thus, a cigalike or a tank system may serve you better. In addition to the frequency, the environment that you will be at as you vape will also influence your options. If you will be vaping in an environment where knocks and falls are likely, you should go for a top quality mod that can withstand drops and knocks. If you will be vaping away from home or office, you should look for n e-cig that is easy and convenient to carry.

Where should you buy your first e-cig starter kit?


The challenge that every beginner must overcome is avoiding fake or clone low-quality products. Direct vapor has built its reputation by offering only high-quality original products, which allows beginners to shop with confidence. The store also aims to avail the latest technologies and innovations as soon as they hit the market at an affordable price. It is also very easy to find a direct vapor coupon (click here) that will help you save substantial amounts of money. Other direct vapor benefits include 60-day manufacturing warranty, 15-day return policy, free domestic shipping with no minimums and the lowest price guarantee. Some of the popular starter kits that you can use direct vapor coupon when buying include Joyetech Penguin SE, SMOK stick x8, and SMOK Alien 220W TC starter kit.


Vape 4 Life is one of the few retailers that also manufacture their own quality e-cigs. While the quality of the products is the most important aspect, the company goes the extra mile to ensure that its products are competitively priced with no risk 100-percent money back guarantee. The company also offers Vapor 4 Life coupons as well as special deals to ensure individuals enjoy the best units and accessories without budget constraints. Some of the popular e-cig starter kits that you can use Vapor 4 Life coupons right here to reduce their cost include Auto Vapor Zeus kit, Dual Mode vapor Zeus kit, Joyetech Cuboid Mini kit and VV Manual Vapor Zeus kit among others.


The most important thing when you are looking for the right e-cig starter kit is to understand your vaping needs. Most of the challenges beginners experience such as lack of satisfaction, too much or less nicotine, not enough flavor, not enough vapor, limited battery life and high running cost are caused by the use of the wrong starter kit. A kit can be of high quality but not the best for your vaping needs.

Creating The Perfect Sleeping Environment

Thanks to enhanced awareness into the importance of getting enough sleep every night, more people are now taking steps to improve their sleeping habits. That said, difficulties in falling and staying asleep are still quite common. From stress and anxiety to medical conditions, there are just too many things that could get in the way of great sleep. But did you know that the environment in which you sleep could be what’s causing you endless nights of agony? What’s more, you only need to work on a few areas to create a sanctuary that makes it easier to sleep better every night.

An Uncluttered Bedroom

Your bedroom isn’t your office, gym or playroom. A clean, uncluttered bedroom is a crucial factor in sleeping well, which means you must design yours in a manner that makes it easy to fall asleep. To improve your room so that your mind only associates it with sleep, you should:

-Spend some time getting rid of all the dirty clothes lying around and put away the clean piles of laundry.

-Get rid of all work-related material. Even if you work from home, you should have a separate area for all work-related materials.

-If you must keep your phone nearby, have a designated time after which you’ll no longer receive incoming calls, or even look at texts and emails.

Most importantly, only go to your bedroom when it’s time to sleep. This helps establish a psychological connection between getting in bed and falling asleep.

The Perfect Temperature

Sleeping in a room that’s too warm or too cold can affect your sleep, resulting in prolonged periods of sleeplessness during the night. For the perfect sleep environment, ensure the temperature in your room is ‘just right.’ The ideal temperature may vary from one person to the next but, according to experts, a range of between 60 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit should work in most cases.

This means you might have to experiment within this range to find your perfect mark. You could, for instance, try moving your bed around the room to ensure it’s not too close to open windows or heat vents. If you share a bed with someone who finds your ideal temperature too cold or too hot, consider getting a dual-control electric blanket or installing a fan in such a way that it blows towards them.

A Comfortable Bed

Considering that you will spend a third of your life sleeping, it makes sense to invest in a proper bed. If you frequently wake up feeling tired, stiff, numb or have had better sleep in other places besides your home, it may be the time you replaced your mattress. The kind of mattress to buy will depend on your personal preferences, but it’s relatively easy to find one that fits your needs.

Still, the upfront cost of a new mattress might be what keeps you from investing in a new one. While quality models might not be in your budget, you don’t have to break the bank to buy one. What really matters is knowing where to shop and how to take advantage of available deals to save some money. Start by visiting some online forums and see if you can find any helpful information — with some luck, you might be able to land a Nolah Mattress discount here, much to your delight. Also, remember to get yourself a nice set of linens as well.

Peace and Quiet

If your sleep environment has too much noise, you might find yourself getting roused from your slumber all too frequently or having trouble falling asleep. But it’s not the sound itself that causes the problem — it’s the inconsistency of silence/sound that tends to be disruptive. If your bedroom has noises that are beyond your control, consider investing in a white noise machine. Also known as sound machines, these devices produce soothing sounds that drown out other noises, besides helping your mind relax for sleep. Alternatively, you might want to install a small fan for a more affordable solution.

Light Control

A dark environment signals to your mind that it’s time to wind down and rest. So when it’s time to go to sleep, keeping light sources to an absolute minimum is highly crucial. This means turning off computer monitors, televisions and flipping your phone over during bedtime to eliminate all light sources. If the area outside your bedroom has too much light, you might want to buy blackout curtains to keep your room dark.

Have you ever considered that the cause of your sleeplessness could be right in your bedroom? Although having a proper sleeping environment is just one of the ingredients you need for better sleep, the crucial role it plays cannot be overlooked. So do whatever it will take to make your sleeping space more appealing — it’s quite possible that doing so will completely alleviate your sleep problems.

A Better Life With Nootropics

Everyone wants a happy, fulfilling life, but sometimes it seems impossible. While there can be many reasons life is not as wonderful as it was in the past, there is a simple solution to some of the most common reasons. Nootropics can improve your life.

What Are Nootropics?

All Nootropics are not alike. When you are looking for a product that will produce the most benefits, consider the Nootropics in the category known as brain boosters.

This dietary supplement is free from drugs and other harmful chemicals. It is an all-natural solution to many problems that interfere with your life. Nootropics improve cognitive function and brain health.

If you have been relying on caffeine or other stimulants, the dietary supplement is a better, natural alternative. Onnit Nootropics are safe and effective for healthy adults and can address a variety of needs.

Nootropics And Memory

Even the healthiest person can experience problems with memory. Perhaps your daily life is so demanding that you are often forgetful. This can be confusing, embarrassing, and lead to difficulties in your life.

A brain booster can improve your memory. You can easily recall names, dates, appointments, and other important points without writing everything down. Life will be much simpler when your memory is clear and accurate.

Memory decline does not have to be a part of aging. Nootropics are ideal for seniors and elderly persons, too. Your memory can be as sharp as when you were younger if you use Nootropics dietary supplements every day.

Nootropics And Productivity

When you have an extremely busy, demanding schedule, your productivity can start to decline. Perhaps you are accomplishing less than you did in the past. Whether you are concerned about your job, schoolwork, family responsibilities, or a recreational activity, Onnit Nootropics can be useful.

Nootropics can improve your ability to concentrate and focus. When you need to focus on a specific task, you do not want to feel distracted. The dietary supplement that helps you stay on-task will help you be more productive and reach your goals.

Nootropics Make Life Easier

Fatigue can have damaging effects on your everyday life. When it is so much you need to do every day, you may not feel prepared when you wake up in the morning. You may feel tired at the start of the day, or at any time during the day.

Nootropics can eliminate fatigue. You can be alert and have plenty of energy. Equally important, you can have these benefits without drinking coffee or cola or resort to drugs. Whether you are facing a long day at work, a night of studying for exams, or have small children to take care of all day, your life can be so much easier when you make Nootropics part of your daily routine.

Nootropics And Cognitive Skills

Learning is not only for children. Individuals of all ages can learn something new each day. When you want to learn the most and retain what you learn, your brain needs to be healthy. Learning and other cognitive skills will improve when Nootropics increase your brain’s health.

Supplements For A Better Mood

Stress, worry, and anxiety can have harmful effects on your life. Irritability and depression can interfere with your responsibilities, affect your relationships with others, and stop you from enjoying your life.

Daily life can be better when you are in a calm mood. You can be happier and more relaxed without using any drugs. The easy, safe way to obtain these benefits is with Onnit Nootropics supplements.

Nootropics Are For You

You can have all of these benefits in products that are certified drug-free. There are no harmful ingredients, and you can use Nootropics even if you must take drug tests. All you need to do is add a packet to a glass of water. For the best results, you should only use one packet per day.

When you want the very best Nootropics, choose Onnit supplements made with earth-grown nutrients. However, if all the benefits are not enough to spark your interest in Nootropics dietary supplements, consider the advantage of coupon codes Onnit at this page. You can choose the product that most appeals to you, and save money when you place your order.

Nootropics are not meant to replace other important parts of a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, daily exercise, and plenty of sleep are necessary if you want to be in peak health.

With an overall healthy lifestyle, Nootropics can make a difference. The supplements are excellent for individuals in the workforce, housewives, college students, elderly persons, and individuals who participate in recreational activities. Regardless of the category, you are in, supplements are for you.

You can have a better life with Nootropics. The safe, effective, drug-free approach can lead to many positive changes in your life. You will be glad you decided to buy supplements from Onnit.


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